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Types Of Rappers

Sunday, August 17, 2008 , Posted by Anonymous at 11:21 PM


There are several different types of rappers. The main types are the following:

- glamour
- hustler
- conscience
- pure lyricist
- storyteller
- tongue twister
- political
- religious

A "glamour" rapper's lyrics mainly brag about materialistic things such as cars jewelry, women, money and houses.

A "hustler" rapper's lyrics will be mainly about selling things such as drugs, cds, or even tamales.

A "conscience" rapper is sometimes referred to as a "backpacker" rapper and they rap about things ranging from elevating the mind, drugs, social issues, family and various issues.

"Pure Lyricist" rappers focus on the technical side of rap, sometimes using long complicated words and schemes and rarely care about topics beyond self glorification and put downs of others.

"Storyteller" rappers make songs where they tell a part or whole of a story. Most of the time these songs involve a well put together plot and some use of technical skill such as metaphors, multis and punchlines.

"Tongue Twister" rappers have the ability to rap in atleast 8/4 bar form, double or faster the speed of normal rappers.

"Political" rappers are similar to conscience rappers, but they do not stress niches of lifestyles of individuals and are more general to people in political power, laws, social issues and for the improvement of humanity, they also may be simply for anti-establishment.

"Religious" rappers talk about personal and non-personal experiences past and present with their god.

Note: A "conscience" a rapper usually will refuse to rap about hustler mentality and are sometimes insulted by the content of a glamour rapper. Each of these types are furthermore separated into regional, state, city, neighborhood, street divisions. No rapper is usually in only one category, most rappers are a mix, though there are extreme cases. Also, the instrumental music of each category is vastly diverse.

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